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Vessel newbuilding and systems integration

Shipyards and their system suppliers are facing complex challenges under their newbuilding and refits projects. Vessels with an increasing degree for fittings require reliable cost calculations, professional engineering and a solid time and progress planning. In fact, the relevant construction and supply agreements should properly cover such demands. Further legal support is advisable for project steering and handling / optimization in the various overlapping processes and requirements between owner, yard and system suppliers.

Target must be a structured legal frame plus selective support for minimizing costly interfaces and avoiding undesired additional costs and risks. Crucial elements hereunto are the optimization of all construction related specifications, a perfect supply contract as well as a functioning quality control and project management.  Shipyards and suppliers, due to given structures and expectations for “turn-key”-solutions, are facing unexpected costs at early stages – therefore safeguarding measures must be implemented in time to address prolongation, acceleration, obstruction and costs increase. In any case, we are providing the legal instruments to pursue justified claims in the above context.